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Aim of the association of testing institutes ENTAM (European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines) is the harmonization of testing agricultural equipment and its mutual recognition. Thereby equipment once tested is recognized Europe-wide.

The JKI Institute for Application Techniques takes an active part in the association of European testing institutes in the field of agricultural engineering. The working group for plant protection has currently 7 testing institutes as members. This network avoids multiple testing and thus saves time and money. Furthermore a greater number of tested equipment can be provided to the farmers. ENTAM-tested plant protection equipment complies with the demands of Article 16 of the German Plant Protection Act.

Technical measurements are performed on the equipment to be tested. Field tests are not carried out. The results are compiled in a European test report. So far more than 100 parts of plant protection equipment have been approved by ENTAM. See all test reports on the ENTAM website.

The Institute for Application Techniques has already conducted several ENTAM tests and has taken charge of the technical group "plant protection" within ENTAM. The search results on the ENTAM website may also be filtered for ENTAM test reports approved by the JKI.