Contributions to edited volumes

Fürstenau, B.; Heindorf, K.; Adler, C.; Kroos, G.M. (2018): Innovative stored plant products in Germany and the potential threat by native and invasive pest insects. In: Adler, C.S.; Opit, G.; Fürstenau, B.; Müller-Blenkle, C.; Kern, P.; Arthur, F.H.; Athanassiou, C.G.; Bartosik, R.; Campbell, J.; Carvalho, M.O.; Chayaprasert, W.; Fields, P.; Li, Z.; Maier, D.; Nayak, M.; Nukenine, E.; Obeng-Ofori, D.; Phillips, T.; Riudavets, J.; Throne, J.; Schöller, M.; Stejskal, V.; Talwana, H.; Timlick, B.; Trematerra, P. (eds.): Proceedings of the 12th International Working Conference on Stored Product ; Vol 1 (Julius-Kühn Archiv 463), Quedlinburg, 89-94.

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