Device name: Gewächshaus S2

Description: S2 greenhouse for working with genetically modified organisms

Mikroskopische Ausstattung

Device name: Konfokales Laser-Scanning-Mikroskop

Description: Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Device name: Transmissionselektronenmikroskop

Description: Transmission electron microscope, 120 kV, tungsten cathode, with one analog and two digital cameras (2K Veleta on the side and 4K Eagle below) for documentation. Sample analysis at 80 kV for optimal contrast in biological objects. Version: Tecnai G2 Spirit (serial number D1285), FEI Deutschland GMBH.

Device name: Rasterelektronenmikroskop

Description: Scanning electron microscope, 30 kV, tungsten cathode. Version: Quanta 250 (serial no. D9226), There are three modes available: 1) Analysis of dry and fixed samples in high vacuum; 2) Direct analysis of biological samples in low vacuum, 3) Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) mode for non-vacuum stable or outgassing samples (e.g. examination of biological samples without prior fixation).