Device name: Pimprenelle Setop

Description: Device for the automated determination and recording of fruit properties, which carries out physical and chemical measurements (weight, firmness, sugar content, acidity, juiciness) of 10 to 30 fruits. The Pimprenelle is operated pneumatically and therefore requires a compressor. The data is recorded in a database.

Device name: Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer 3500xl

Description: Capillary electrophoresis device for automated fluorescence-based DNA analysis with 24 capillaries. The device enables sequence analysis and fragment analysis.

Device name: CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR System

Description: The real-time PCR system consists of a thermal cycler, an optical detection system and an instrument software and is used at the institute for absolute and relative PCR quantification and melt curve analyzes. The C1000 Touch Thermoycler has 96 wells and enables precise heating and cooling of the PCR reactions (maximum ramp rate of 5 ° C / s, average ramp rate of 3.3 ° C / s, heating and cooling method: Peltier; lid heats up to 105 ° C; temperature range: 0–100 ° C; accuracy ± 0.2 ° C; uniformity ± 0.4 ° C from well-to-well; gradient range: 30–100 ° C, programmable range 1–24 ° C). The optical detection system measures the fluorescence intensity in the sample (excitation: 6 filtered LEDs; detection: 6 filtered photodiodes; excitation / emission range 450–730 nm). The device is controlled by a connected computer on which special instrument software is installed. However, it can also be operated as a stand-alone device. The software enables various data analyzes (PCR quantification with standard curve, melt curve analysis, gene expression analysis according to relative quantity (∆Cq) or normalized expression (∆∆Cq) with several reference genes and individual reaction efficiencies, allelic discrimination, endpoint analysis).

Device name: Keyence Digitalmikroskop VHX-7000

Description: The digital microscope includes a digital microscopy unit with the VHX-7020 standard camera [1/1.8 inch, 3.19 megapixel, CMOS image capture sensor, total pixels: 2064 (H) × 1554 (V); pixels: 2048 (H) × 1536 (V)]. Images and videos can be captured at a frequency of 50 frames per second. The microscope is equipped with a 27 inch monitor (color LCD display) and an integrated computer (operating system "Windows 10", 1 TB HDD, resolution at least 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels). This enables high-speed processing of image data to produce depth-sharp live images. It enables the observation of the entire object at high depth of focus through depth composition in the live image for 3D renderings and measurements, as well as jointless fully automatic merging of multiple images in 2D and 3D, even from different angles (skewing). Other special features include 1-click measurement, learning of measurement functions (repeatable execution), automatic area measurement per particle count, image composition (panoramic images), timer record for time-lapse images, residual dirt analysis according to ISO 16232 and VDA 19, grain size determination according to ASTM and ISO 643:2020-06, roughness measurement based on ISO 4287:1997 and ISO 13565:1996. The stage consists of a motorized object stage with dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm and a motorized adjustable XYZ-axis. The Z-axis can be adjusted up to 90° without moving the object or repositioning the stage. The microscope is mobile and can be used without a stand. Images can also be taken away from the stand, e.g. on potted plants. The stand can be tilted continuously and allows the specimen to be examined from all angles without changing position. The microscope is equipped with 2 different zoom objectives, which have a ring illumination: VH-Z20 (20x-200x) and the VH-Z00 (0.1 x - 50 x).



Device name:Klimakammern und Samenlager

Description: The overall system consists of a total of two climatic chambers and one chamber for seed storing. In each chamber, outdoor-like environmental conditions (temperature, air humidity and light intensity) can be simulated in a stationary manner as well as programmably in daily courses. The chambers are illuminated by fluorescent lambs on the chamber ceiling. The ventilation concept allows 100% air circulation as well as the admixture of fresh air. The chamber for seed storing is cooled to 4 °C.



Device name:Hochbeete

Description: 4 raised beds for the cultivation of plants with each length x width (outside): 20.00 x 1.80 m height top edge: 0.80 m usable bed depth: 0.25 m irrigation: drip irrigation with drip hoses


geschützte Kultivierung

Device name:Erdbeerkastenanlage

Description: The shade construction with 48 tables is used at the institute for the preservation of cultivars and wild species collections of the gene bank strawberry at the Pillnitz location. Shadow hall (length x width: 22.00 x 44.00 m; clear height: 3.00 m; automatic control: depending on light, wind, precipitation, temperature). Tables (length x width: 6.00 x 1.20 m; usable area: rail system for placing the planters; irrigation: drip irrigation).

Device name:Insektenschutzzelt

Description: Insect protection tent with two doors; mesh size 1.0 mm (to repel pollinating insects); 22.80 x 3.50 m base area; 2.80 m eaves height; cultivation area: 2 base beds on ribbon fabric and sand drainage, each 10.50 x 3.00 m; drip irrigation system

Device name:Virusfreie Erhaltung von Erdbeerpflanzen

Description: Insect protection tent with sluice, integrated in a cabin greenhouse; mesh size of the fabric 0.5 mm; 2 pyramid-shaped cultivation trough systems; usable area 83 m cultivation trough; drip irrigation; fully automatically controlled heating, ventilation, shading and irrigation; floor area: 10.07 x 4.13 m



Device name:Speziallkühllager

Description: 2 special cold stores each floor space: 8.1 m² or 8.9 m² usable height: 2.30 m cooling: down to -5 ° C Equipped with shelves.

Device name:Kühllager

Description: 4 cold storage each floor space: 26.8 m² usable height: 2.50 m cooling: down to 0 ° C capacity: 14 t (for sample storage in boxes on Euro pallets) 18 t (for storage in large boxes)

Device name:ULO-Kühllager

Description: in total 6 ULO storage chambers (5 x micro, 1 x mini) Micro ULO storage chambers: floor space: 2.0 m² usable height: 2.30 m cooling: down to 0 ° C capacity: 0.5 t (when storing samples in boxes on Euro pallets) Mini ULO storage chamber: floor space: 8.1 m² usable height: 2.50 m cooling: down to 0 ° C capacity: 2.5 t (when storing samples in boxes on Euro pallets)

Device name:Kryokühlager-System

Description: The complete system consists of a set of four cryo storage containers in the sizes 200 l, 100 l and two 165 l, in which samples of plant tissues can be stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C as well as in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. Furthermore, the system includes a transport container (200 l) from which the automatic filling of the cryo-containers takes place and a freezing chamber, which allows a very slow freezing of the samples.