Device name: Weinanalysegerät FOSS WineScan SO2

Description: WineScan™ SO2 ensures full control of the winemaking process from grape harvest to bottling. Ready-to-use calibrations allow simultaneous analysis of key wine quality parameters including free and total SO2.

Device name: Flüssigchromatographie System HPLC/MS

Description: Liquid chromatography system (HPLC, Agilent modules of 1200 und 1100 series: Degasser G139A; Bin Pump G1312A; Autosampler ALS G1329A with ALS Therm G1330B; column oven Colco G1316A] with detectors DAD (G1315D), RID (61262A) and Single Quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS 6110). Applications are chromatography of non-volatile constituents in grape material (especially in grape must, wine and leave extracts).

Device name: Hochleistungs-Hybrid-Trible Quadrupol/Ionenfallen-Massenspektrometer QTrap 6500+ (Sciex) (U)HPLC/MS-MS

Description: Hybrid-triple quadrupole/ion trap-mass spectrometer QTrap 6500+ (Sciex) for sensitive and precise detection, identification and quantification of non-volatile and thermos-labile constituents in grape must, wine and grape tissue. Liquid chromatography by (U)HPLC system Agilent 1290 Infinity II.


Device name: BioMark Fluidigm

Description: The BioMark Fluidigm analytic system is applicable for gene expression studies and SNP Genotyping in high throughput, based on fluorescence signals detected in nano fluidic Real Time PCR reaction chambers on chips of 96 x 96 wells or other formats (e.g. 48 x 48).