Development of a biodegradable mulch cover for crop protection


2023-10-01 bis 2026-09-30

Project management

  • Dieter, von Hörsten

Responsible institute

Institut für Anwendungstechnik im Pflanzenschutz

Cooperation partner

  • Heinrich Glaeser Nachfahren GMbH

Overall objective of the project

The aim of the project is to develop a compound product consisting of a fleece and a biodegradable coating. This biological degradable compound product, called VliesFilm, should be able to replace conventional mulch films made of polyethylene in plant cultivation, with the same positive growth effects on the plants. The main components and development steps of the Integrated Plant Management (IPM) system to be optimised are as follows: a: Development of a novel biodegradable compound product consisting of a viscose fleece and a coating for mulching (VliesFilm). Both components of the VliesFilm are bio-based and consist of 100% (fleece) or 50% (coating) renewable raw materials and are biodegradable. All ingredients of the coating have food approval (E-number), but are not in competition with food production like e.g. starch-based materials. The primary focus is on the development and optimisation of the VliesFilm made of NaWaRos with regard to phytosanitary properties compared to conventional mulch material (PE, 20-25my). The most important phytosanitary factors are water availability, soil temperature and the suppression of weeds. b: The non-woven film is to be given added value compared to conventional PE films. For this purpose, the coatings are coloured to achieve repellent effects on flying insects (model aphids). Since this measure reduces an infestation, but usually cannot prevent it completely, regular monitoring is carried out in order to take any interventive measures. This is the basis for an integrated pest management system to minimise the use of chemical pesticides.


Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture