Digitalization in the value network Viticulture: From planting to grape delivery


2019-11-05 bis 2024-10-31

Project management

  • Dieter, von Hörsten
  • Jens Karl, Wegener

Responsible institute

Institut für Anwendungstechnik im Pflanzenschutz

Project preparer

  • Jens Karl, Wegener
  • Dieter, von Hörsten

Overall objective of the project

The experimental field DigiVine will examplary show digital technologie with in the value network of viticulture from planting until grape delivery and test these technologies with users. The interdisciplinary team includes grape and wine producers, producers of viticulture device technology, IT service providers, research institutes and scientists with expertise in the field of digitalization and sensor- based data acquisition and analysis. DigiVine will support the interaction of research and development, consulting and viticulture practice to master various sequences of grape production using digitalization. Moreover, it will generate tailor-made services, concrete recommendations for grape growers and increase the work and resource efficiency, as well as legal certainty. DigiVine links extensive, heterogeneous data sources from and on the vineyard, as well as administrative framework conditions. Algorithms make plot and subplot specific information on crop management and mechanized, quality orientated production accessible and gives concrete recommendations. DigiVine increases the access of winegrowers to digitalization, introduces new technologies and markets to supplier and generates knowledge to broader circle of users. Interfaces for the transparency increase towards consumers will be provided. Within nine applications, research and development will create new approaches. Among other things, lead farms will be implemented and tested on the base of different viticulture producing structures (winery, cooperative, grape producers). The applications of the experimental field DigiVine provide an example of new applications that go beyond state of the art. They will be linked to existing services over open interfaces, to display the process chain.


Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture