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Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen


Institute for Biological Control

Inhalt: Status Report Biological Plant Protection

About every five years, the Institute for Biological Control collects data on the use of biological control products and biological control measures from plant protection agencies of the Länder and from producers of biological plant protection products and beneficials. The data is published in the “Statusbericht Biologischer Pflanzenschutz” (in German). This report is also an indicator (No. 13) of the National Action Plan on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products (NAP) which aims to reduce the risks and effects for human health and environment posed by the use of pesticides. The “Statusbericht Biologischer Pflanzenschutz” reports the number of registered biological control agents and other biological control measures and estimates their extent of application in agricultural, horticultural and forestry practice.