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Institute for Application Techniques in Plant Protection

The Institute

At the Institute for Application Techniques in Plant Protection we are constantly working on technologies and procedures to enhance the safety of humans and nature in Germany, regarding plant protection. We can answer complex technique questions related to plant protection competently by combining research, evaluation and consultancy. The aim of our Institute is to minimize the risks which are connected with the use of plant protection systems, via technical measures.

The meaning of application techniques

Application techniques in practice highly influence the way plant protection products are used or treated seed is deposited into the earth. They influence the biological effectiveness of the plant protection products and the compatibility for beneficial organisms and plants. Hence application techniques influence the entry of plant chemicals into water bodies, biotopes and neighboring crops. Manageability of plant protection products as well as user protection is influenced by application techniques. Therefore research in the Institute is focused on meliorating plant protection procedures by technically advancing the equipment. Thereby we want to optimize the use of plant protection products and contribute to a sustained increase of plant production systems.

Constant improvement of standards

The results of our research and evaluations are directly incorporated into our diverse fields of consultancy. These are e.g. the participation in national legislative procedures, european as well as international committees for standardization, the evaluation and authorization of plant protection products or the participation in working on “good agricultural practice”. The addressees for our work can be found nationally and internationally in a wide range of politics, research, practice and society. In a constant dialogue we want to secure and develop the high standard of application techniques in Germany, which is accepted internationally.



Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI) - Federal Research Center for Cultivated Plants
Institute for Application Techniques in Plant Protection
Messeweg 11/12
38104 Braunschweig

Head of Institute: Prof. Dr. Jens Karl Wegener

Jana Bartels
Tel: 03946 47 6701
Fax: 03946 47 6702
at@  julius-kuehn.  de