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03. May 2024

#Zusammenland – Vielfalt macht uns stark!

Together with 350 other scientific institutions, the JKI is participating in the media initiative #Zusammenland - for research benefits from different perspectives!

08. April 2024

PLAN4BEE – planning the monitoring of African bees

JKI coordinates a new project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to initiate collaborations between African and German researchers in order to monitor and protect pollinators in agroecosystems. Website recently launched.

04. March 2024

Horizon Europe-Project FORTUNA: Identifying research gaps to achieve pesticide use reduction in Europe

The new European project, coordinated by JKI, highlights the impact of agronomic research on the transformation of agriculture after 2030.

21. February 2024

EU co-financed WiVitis project aims to promote PIWI cultivation

In view of climate change, the international joint project coordinated at the JKI aims to promote the cultivation of fungus-resistant grape varieties (PIWIs). One focus of JKI vine breeding is Botrytis bunch rot.

05. February 2024

Togolese Humboldt Fellow chose JKI for his Research on RNAi-Pest Control

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation sponsors the research project of Dr. Ayaovi Agbessenou. The plant protector and entomologist wants to find components for an eco-friendly RNAi-Spray to control American Tomato Pinworm. We wanted to know what drives him.

Blick nach oben: Mehrere Grüne Fahnen vor blauem Himmel. Auf den Fahnen ist in gelb das Logo der grünen Woche zu sehen.
11. January 2024

JKI at the Green Week 2024

From January 19-28, the JKI will present its research on "Healthy Soil" and "(Wild) Bee Protection" in hall 23a organised by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The picture shows a man in his mid-forties, wearing a checked shirt. He looks likeable. He is standing in a greenhouse, in front of him a table with small grain plants. He is holding a plant in his hand and turns sideways to smile at the camera.
19. December 2023

Junior Professor and Humboldt Fellow from Melbourne chose JKI for his Research

Australian breeding researcher stays at the Institute for Resistance Research and Stress Tolerance until the end of year.

Im Bild zu sehen: Hanfpflanzen mit charakteristisch, gezackt, fedrigen Blättern vor dramatisch, dunklem Himmel. Blick geht leicht nach oben.
05. December 2023

JKI and Uruguay intensify their cooperation in fibre hemp

Both sides met from 22 to 24 November to prepare a joint project.

23. November 2023

AHEAD program meets in-person for the first time

[Direct link to press release] The Alliance for Wheat Adaption to Heat and Drought (AHEAD) discussed the effects of climate change on wheat production in Morocco. The Global Office of AHEAD is based at the JKI.

22. November 2023

How plants cope with stress: New signal-pathway in Nature Communications described

[Direct link to paper] Researchers from JKI and Technical University Brunswick discover that GAS2-gene encodes for an enzyme involved in the abscisic acid (ABA) catabolism.