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JKI with two topics at Green Week fair in Berlin

1) Invasive species and 2) spot farming with autonomous agricultural machinery

The Berlin International Green Week is the international exhibition of the food, agriculture and gardening industries, open to the general public as well. It traditionally takes place in Berlin at the beginning of the year and is also for the Julius Kühn Institute an "annual must" to showcase selected areas of its research.

You will find our scientists on the fair grounds in hall 23a, the special exhibition hall of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture -  this year presenting these two topics:

  • Invasive species:
    The JKI  will demonstrate highly dangerous invaders - insects, fungi, nematodes and plants -  in action, identify their pathways of introduction and show measures to prevent their entry or spread.
  • New plant production systems with autonomous agricultural machinery:
    A joint project of the Julius Kühn Institute, the Thünen Institute and the Technische Universität Braunschweig that investigates the potentials of autonomous agricultural machinery for sustainable land management.  Among others, the cooperating partners will present a sowing robot designed for autonomously working small plots  and discuss scenarios in which such spot farming is at its best and, at the same time, a benefit for the environment and the crops themselves.

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