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Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
Federal Research Centre
for Cultivated Plants

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Töpfer

76833 Siebeldingen, Germany

Ms Sabine Martin
Tel.: +49(0)6345/41-0
Fax: +49(0)6345/41-179
E-mail: zr@  julius-kuehn.  de

Institute booklet

The Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof aims at breeding new cultivars with high resistance to diseases of grapevine, weather-related stress factors and also high wine quality.

Cultivars that meet these objectives require significantly lower phytosanitary treatments. They are obtained by crossing suitable parent lines or cultivars and the subsequent selection in the offspring to identify desired combinations of traits. The breeding activities are supported by research concerning gene - trait relationships. Any new or advanced resulting selection method on the genomic or phenotypic level can lead to a substantial acceleration of the breeding process. Suitable elite breeding lines will be tested prior to variety registration in multi-year field trials.