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Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen


Institute for Plant Protection in Field Crops and Grassland

Inhalt: Biology and ecology of harmful organisms

We conduct research on a wide range of topics relating to the biology and ecology of important pathogens in arable crops. From weeds to fungal pests and insects to nematodes, we deal with diagnosis, biology and epidemiology and population dynamics of the harmful organisms found on arable crops and grassland.

This research is an essential prerequisite for developing economical and environmentally friendly management systems and methods of plant protection for integrated and ecological cultivation.

In addition, we are working on the basics to improve pathogen prognosis and the development of decision support systems in plant protection. In this way, pathogens in the field can be identified earlier and more precisely, and their potential damage can be better estimated. Ideally, this means that fewer pesticides are applied


Scientists working in this field

  • Dr. Meike Brandes
  • Dr. Johannes Hausmann
  • Dr. Christoph Joachim
  • Dr. Jörn Lehmhus
  • Dr. Christoph von Redwitz
  • Dr. Dagmar Rissel
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Söchting
  • Dr. Lena Ulber
  • Dr. Arnd Verschwele
  • Dr. Simone Dohms
  • Dr. Beatrice Berger
  • Dr. Bernd Rodemann
  • Dr. Simon Schiwek
  • Dr. Nazanin Zamani-Noor
  • Dr. Ulrike Sölter
  • Dr. Matthias Daub
  • Dr. Sebastian Kiewnick
  • Mona Schatke

National Association Project MonViA

Our institute is part of the National Monitoring of Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes (germ. Abbr.: MonViA). More information at https://www.agrarmonitoring-monvia.de/en.