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Institute for Biological Control

Inhalt: Moving to a new site

The Institute for Biological Control has been re-located to its new site in Dossenheim since April 1, 2022. Within a few days, the equipment of 40 employees, including 800 moving boxes, 1300 electrical devices, large and small equipment, pathogen collections and insect rearings were moved. Some special transports of large equipment are still pending. A small staff has remained in Darmstadt to complete research projects in the coming weeks. As a result of the Institute´s re-location, the Darmstadt site, which has been used for about 50 years, will be abandoned by the end of the year.

In Dossenheim, the newly constructed laboratory and office building, into which our sister Institute for Plant Protection in Fruit Crops and Viticulture had already moved eight months ago, will be now in full function. The new building includes state-of-the-art laboratories and offices, a genetic engineering facility of safety levels 1 and 2, an insectary for rearing beneficial and pest insects, a quarantine unit, as well as new greenhouses and a new machine hall. The construction of new buildings is linked to the restructuring of the property there. The architectural highlight of the new laboratory and office building is the light-flooded atrium, which is designed as a meeting and interaction space for the employees.