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Institute for Biological Control

Inhalt: Institute-News

27. March 2024

Joint project FInAL

In the project, the partners from agriculture and science are shaping the agricultural landscape into a more insect-friendly environment.

21. February 2024

Wireworm control with entomopathogenic fungi

Entomopathogenic fungi of the genus Metarhizium are effective antagonists against click beetle larvae (wireworms) of the genus Agriotes. However, the effect varies between different Agriotes species and populations.

05. February 2024

Togolese Humboldt Fellow chose JKI for his Research on RNAi-Pest Control

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation sponsors the research project of Dr. Ayaovi Agbessenou. The plant protector and entomologist wants to find components for an eco-friendly RNAi-Spray to control American Tomato Pinworm. We wanted to know what drives him.

26. October 2023

Joint project "AntiEPS" started

The aim of the "AntiEPS" project that has started is to systematically analyze the diversity of EPS pathogens and EPS parasites, parasitoids and predators, as well as the intensity of the infestation in different stages of development of the EPS capture.

wasp-like insect with dark colour.
28. September 2023

First comes the pest, then follows the beneficial

First evidence of the parasitic wasp Leptopilina japonica. By parasitizing the larvae of the spotted wing drosophila females represent natural counterparts of the fruit pest.

25. August 2023

Influence of temperature on insect pathogenic fungi

Results for production of an biological plant protection product against wireworms.

17. April 2023

Kick-off for the Project “OptiLyso” at the Institute for Biological Control.

The aim is to develop a marketable biological product against phytopathogenic fungi in fruit and vegetable crops.

11. March 2023

09 - 10 March 2023 Meeting of the Working Group 'Biological Control of Plant Diseases´ of the DPG in Dossenheim

On March 9-10, 2023, the Institute of Biological Control hosted the working group 'Biological Control of Plant Diseases‘ of the German Society for Plant Protection and Plant Health (DPG) for its annual meeting.

26. January 2023

DIY camera trap for automated insect monitoring

In conventional monitoring methods, the insects are usually caught and killed. Subsequenty the respectivespecies is determined on basis of microscopic characteristics or with molecular methods. Camera traps represent an alternative with lower time and cost expenditure.

15. November 2022

Molecular identification of Cydia pomonella granulovirus resistance in codling moth Cydia pomonella

JKI researchers want to identify the molecular resistance mechanisms of codling moth as part of a DFG project.