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(2015): In: Daniel, C.; Collier, R.; Thomes, J.; Hommes, M.: Effects of landscape and region on pests and pathogens in Brassica vegetables and oilseed rape : Focus Group IPM for brassica ; Mini-Paper-2, verfügbar unter: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/sites/agri-eip/files/fg6_ipm_brassica_minipaper2_2015_en.pdf, 6-12.

(2015): In: Fraaije, B.; Collier, R.; Hommes, M.: Monitoring and forecasting systems used in Europe : Focus Group IPM for brassica ; Mini-Paper-3, Verfügbar unter: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/sites/agri-eip/files/fg6_ipm_brassica_minipaper3_2015_en.pdf, 13-15.

(2015): In: Daniel, C.; Hommes, M.: Plant Protection in organic production of Brassica vegetables and oilseed rape : Focus Group IPM for brassica ; Mini-Paper-4, verfügbar unter: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/sites/agri-eip/files/fg6_ipm_brassica_minipaper4_2015_en.pdf, 16-20.

(2015): In: Collier, R.; Daniel, C.; Hommes, M.: Ecological selectivity of pesticides and application methods : Focus Group IPM for brassica ; Mini-Paper-5, verfügbar unter: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/sites/agri-eip/files/fg6_ipm_brassica_minipaper5_2015_en.pdf, 21-25.

(2015): In: Collier, R.; Hommes, M.: Side effects of pesticide applications : Focus Group IPM for brassica ; Mini-Paper-7, verfügbar unter: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/sites/agri-eip/files/fg6_ipm_brassica_minipaper7_2015_en.pdf, 35-37.

Adam, M.; Hallmann, J.; Heuer, H. (2015): PCR-DGGE as a tool for identification of MSP1 gene variants in populations of Meloidogyne Incognita. : Program and Abstracts : 54th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists ; Kellog Hotel & Conference Center East Lansing, Michigan, July 19 - 24, 2015, 33.

Adam, M.; Heuer, H.; Hallmann, J. (2015): Using bacterial antagonists of fungal pathogens for control of root-knot nematodes on tomato. : Mission possible: food for all through appropriate plant protection : XVIII. International Plant Protection Congress ; 24 - 27 August 2015, Berlin (Germany), 23.

Adler, C.; Ndomo-Moualeu, A.F. (2015): Pest-proof storage structures prevent the infestation of bulk grain. In: Trematerra, P.; Hamel, D. (eds.): Working Group "Integrated Protection of Stored Products" : Proceedings of the Meeting at Zagreb (Croatia), June 28 - July 1, 2015 (IOBC-WPRS Bulletin 111), 177-184.

Alix, A.; Garrido, C.; Golla, B. (2015): Biodiversity in monitoring studies investigating the efficacy of risk mitigation measures in the farmland - a review. : Environmental protection in a multi-stressed world: challenges for science, industry and regulators : SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, 3-7 May 2015, Barcelona, Spain ; Abstract book, 121.

Backhaus, G.F. (2015): BioÖkonomie als Zukunftskonzept - eine Perspektive für Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau?. In: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Lebensmittel-, Veterinär- und Agrarwesen, Österreich: Tagungsband "Bioökonomie in der Primärproduktion" (ALVA-Jahrestagung 2015 : Bericht ), 29-35.

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