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Drift reduction

Drift-reducing nozzle

Use ordinances of plant protection products demand the use of drift-reducing equipment and the compliance with distance requirements regarding surface waters and buffer zones. Plant protection equipment is checked and listed by the Institute for its drift reducing qualities.

During spraying, drift is undesirable but cannot be completely avoided. Nozzle and spraying pressure basically determine the droplet size. Small droplets are stronger affected by windward drift than big droplets. Different characteristics of equipment can enhance or reduce drift.

Since 1993, the JKI has been registering drift-reducing plant protection equipment in the descriptive list (register of loss-reducing equipment, section drift reduction). Until 1999, equipment with drift reduction of at least 90% compared to the drift values was registered. In 2000, drift reducing classes of 50% and 75% were added.  By now equipment with 95% drift reduction is listed too. The current lists of registered drift-reducing plant protection equipment are accessible on the German website of the Institute:  Please click the link "Deutsch" , then see „Verlustmindernde Geräte- Abdriftminderung“ at the bottom of page.

The manufacturers of plant protection equipment and equipment parts offer a wide range of technical solutions for drift reduction. They are tested by the Institute and registered in the drift reducing classes 50%, 75%, 90%, and 95%. Meanwhile the register contains more than 900 entries (May 2016).