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Seed treatment facilities

Seed treatment

The Institute for Application Techniques in Plant Protection registers seed treatment facilities in germany with quality assurance systems in regard of dust reduction. In these facilities the best technique available has to be installed to ensure that the release of dust is reduced to a minimum level during treating, storing and handling seeds. The seed treatment facilities are inspected with the help of checklists, which were developed by experts of the authorizing authority and associations of the seed treatment sector. Process flow, process technology and documentation during the process are the main criteria. Seed treatment facilities which meet the quality criteria are listed by the JKI.

The BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) issues product specific use ordinances which refer to this list. Products with these use ordinances can only be applied in JKI-listed seed treatment facilities.

The voluntary certification system SeedGuard (Link: https://www.seedguard.info/de/) which was initiated by the seed industry offers a certificate which also leeds to registration by the JKI.

If you change to our German website (Deutsch), you will find a list containing all seed treatment facilities that fulfill the quality criteria of the corresponding checklist (cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beets, maize, vegetables).

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