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Survey of documents

Titelbild zum Prüfbericht
Test report issued by the JKI

With the survey of documents we offer support to manufacturers of plant protection equipment and help them with the CE-declaration of conformity. The survey of documents is comparable to the “JKI declaration procedure” which was in effect until 2012.
The Institute checks the documents provided by the manufacturer like instruction manual, information document and technical specifications for sufficiency and plausibility. The survey is based on the valid standards for plant protection equipment, i.e. EN/ISO 16119, as well as the environmental requirements in the EU Machinery Directive. Successfully surveyed equipment will be registered in the descriptive list. Thereby the usability of the equipment following the German Plant Protection Law is confirmed regardless of the manufacturer.

Cord F. Ladiges
Hans-Jürgen Osteroth
Hans-Joachim Wehmann