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Echter Mehltau an Gurke
Powdery Mildew on cucumber © A. Linkies/JKI

Plant pathogens, i.e. viruses, bacteria and fungi that damage plants, can lead to diseases in various crop plants. They cause yield losses, just like animal pests and weeds. We investigate the use of microbial antagonists (fungi and bacteria) against various bacterial and fungal pathogens on a broad range of crop plants. We examine the various modes of action of these organisms with regard to possible modes of application (intact microorganisms or metabolites), test the range of action of potential antagonists and carry out investigations with regard to possible applications and practical use (application rates, formulations, stability).

Important projects

  • mikroPraep

Scientists involved
Dr. Ada Linkies
Dr. Annegret Schmitt
Christian Drenker
Susanne Hamburger