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Reduction of copper use

Hemmung der Keimung von Zoosporen des Erregers der Kraut- und Knollenfaeule durch Naturstoffe
Inhibition of zoospore germination of Late Blight by natural substances © A. Schmitt/JKI

Copper is used in organic and integrated farming mostly in the regulation of fungal diseases in various crop plants; it even shows inhibitory effects against bacterial pathogens. However, because of the non-specific mode of action, copper also has negative effects on useful organisms, especially on soil microorganisms and earthworms. Therefore, accumulation of copper in the soil is problematic. Our work aims on the reduction of copper use by alternative preparations from the field of microbial antagonists and natural substances.

Important projects

  • mikroPraep

Scientists involved
Dr. Annegret Schmitt
Dr. Ada Linkies
Dr. Ursula Wenthe
Christian Drenker