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Adult hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri (© Annette Herz/JKI)
The parasitic wasp Trichopria is attacking a pupa of Drosophila suzukii (© Camilla Englert/JKI)

Crucial to biological pest control are invertebrate organisms that kill various pest stages. In addition to predatory insects, spiders or mites, parasitoids are particularly effective in finding and exploiting their hosts. We study the diverse interactions between these natural enemies and their prey or hosts. Basic insights into the biology of these beneficial insects are elaborated and their specific requirements in agro-ecosystems are explored. New candidates are intensively tested, especially to find solutions for the control of invasive pests.

Important projects

  • ParaDrosu – Parasitoids to control  Drosophila suzukii
  • Nutritional requirements of the codling moth parasitoid Ascogaster quadridentata

Scientists involved
Dr. Annette Herz
Jakob Martin