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Diagnosis and histopathology of insect diseases

Sporen der insektenpathogenen Amoebe Malamoeba locustae im lichtmikroskopischen Gewebeschnitt
Spores of the insect pathogenic amoeba Malamoeba locustae in a light microscopic tissue section © R. Kleespies/JKI

We carry out microscopic and molecular examinations of insects and isolate microorganisms and viruses from their tissues, with the aim to use them as biocontrol agent of insect pests. The discovery and diagnosis of natural pathogens of insects are therefore the basis for the development, optimization and monitoring of biological plant protection processes.

Important projects

  • InsectDoctors
  • BioSam

Scientists involved
Dr. Regina Kleespies
Dr. Jörg Wennmann
Fang Shiang Lim
Lea Schäfer