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Insect Viruses

Lymantria dispar Kernpolyedrosevirus
Microscopic image nucleopolyhedrovirus species Lymantria dispar © R. Kleespies/JKI

Baculoviruses are insect-specific and naturally occurring pathogens of insect larvae. Their host range is often restricted to one or few insect species; therefore, they can be used as highly selective biocontrol agents of pest insects. They are safe for humans, animals and plants. In Germany, baculovirus products are registered for control of codling moth (Cydia pomonella) and the fruit tortrix (Adoxophyes orana). We develop methods for the molecular characterization and identification, the classification, and for efficacy testing of different baculovirus isolates.  

Important projects

  • Biological and molecular control of resistance-breaking CpGV isolates
  • Development of diagnostic methods to determine the genetic diversity of LdMNPV field populations in gypsy moth

Scientists involved
Prof. Dr. Johannes Jehle
Dr. Jörg Wennmann
Dr. Eva Fritsch
Dr. Karin Undorf-Spahn
Dr. Regina Kleespies
Shili Yang