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Microbial biodiversity as natural antagonists

Sporenbaellchen des insektenpathogenen Pilzes Beauveria bassiana im Lichtmikroskop
Spore balls of the insect pathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana under the light microscope © R. Kleespies/JKI

Microorganisms occur almost everywhere on earth and have adapted to the most varied environmental conditions. Microorganisms are correspondingly diverse, from domain to species level. Even strains within a species sometimes have different properties. Using this diversity for biological crop protection is one of our goals. The institute has assembled an extensive collection of microbial antagonists of plant pathogens and pests through decades of its own collections or through exchanges with research partners. These existing collections are inventoried using light and electron microscopic as well as the latest molecular methods and can thus be considered for a possible control of harmful organisms. The collection of genetic resources takes place across institutes and plays a central role in meeting future challenges of sustainable plant protection.

Important projects

  • BioEntosource
  • BioSam
  • BayLyd

Scientists involved
Dr. Dietrich Stephan
Dr. Regina Kleespies
Dr. Jörg Wennmann
Dr. Ada Linkies
Prof. Dr. Johannes Jehle
Tanja Bernhardt
Nushrat Harun Antara
Fang Shiang Lim
Lea Schäfer