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Granulat zur Applikation des insektenpathogenen Pilzes Metarhizium brunneum
Granule for application of the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium brunneum © D. Stephan/JKI

The efficacy of microbial control agents depends on the production, formulation and application strategy. Therefore, we develop methods for the production and formulation of selected microorganisms. In addition, microorganism-based application strategies are developed and aspects of optimizing the environmental stability are taken into account. These activities represent the interface between research, producer and user of biocontrol agents.

Important projects

  • BioEntosource
  • MykoNem
  • IPM-4-Citrus
  • mikroPraep

Scientists involved
Dr. Dietrich Stephan
Tanja Bernhardt
Maximilian Paluch
Nushrat Harun Antara
Dr. Ada Linkies
Christian Drenker