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CpGV Resistance Management

Mit CpGV-infizierte L4-Larve des  Apfelwicklers in Apfel
Codling moth infected with granulovirus (CpGV) © Johannes Jehle/JKI

Intensive use of codling moth granulovirus (CpGV) products in organic apple production has resulted in the selection of CpGV resistant codling moth populations in different apple growing regions in Europe. These populations show a significant resistance to commercial CpGV products. By molecular analyses, crossing experiments and infection experiments, we have not only identified different types of CpGV resistance. We also identified new CpGV isolates, which were resistance-breaking and provide new opportunities for codling moth control. In cooperation with extension service agencies we carry out resistance monitoring of codling moth field populations and develop new methods for resistance management to avoid further establishing and spreading of resistant codling moth populations

Important projects

  • Development of resistance and virulence management strategies for CpGV in organic apple production
  • Biological and molecular characterization of resistance breaking CpGV isolates

Scientists involved
Prof. Dr. Johannes Jehle
Dr. Jörg Wennmann
Dr. Eva Fritsch
Dr. Karin Undorf-Spahn
Shili Yang