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Endophytes for Biological Plant Protection

Insektenpathogener Pilz, B. bassiana, auf Rapsblatt
Endophytes for Biological Plant Protection

Various fungi have been found to live as endophytes in plant tissues without causing pathogenic symptoms. We try to establish insect pathogenic fungi as endophytes in different crops and finally in their seeds. Thus, both insect pests and plant diseases could be controlled. To prove endophytic growth, both microscopic and molecular methods are developed.

Important projects

  • Possibilities to use Beauveria spp. as an endophytic fungal entomopathogen against different pests on oak trees
  • mikroPraep: Development of a broad-spectrum microbiological preparation for control of fungal and bacterial plant diseases

Scientists involved
Dr. Regina Kleespies
Dr. Dietrich Stephan
Dr. Ada Linkies
Christian Drenker