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Molecular Insect Pathology and Bioinformatics

Genomische DNA (© Jörg Wennmann/JKI)
Sample collection with genomic DNA © Jörg Wennmann/JKI

For the safe use of bacteria, fungi and viruses in biological control, the development of methods for the unambiguous characterization and identification of these microorganisms is essential. Molecular techniques play an increasingly important role for the differentiation of microorganisms and viruses. Besides the use of specifically selected genetic markers that can be used to differentiate between microorganisms, their genome sequences are further deciphered using high throughput sequencing (HTS) techniques allowing a more precise identification and classification. These methods are of increasing importance in the authorization and registration process of microbial antagonists.

Important projects

  • InsectDoctors
  • BioSam

Scientists involved
Dr. Jörg Wennmann   
Lea Schäfer
Fang Shiang Lim