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Institute booklet

Incident investigation of bee poisoning

The investigation of all national reported bee incidents with suspected poisoning from pesticides or biocides is one of the core work scopes of the Institute. The services of incident investigation, including biological and chemical analysis, are free of charge for the concerned beekeepers. Results of the investigations are the basis for the claim settlement of the beekeeper-insurances but also for plant protection services and other authorities for law enforcements, compensation claims and lawsuits.

The analysis of bee poisoning incidents and the causes is intended to avoid incidents from the legal use of pesticides and to investigate the appropriateness of current risk assessment and evaluation procedures and to differentiate legal uses from abuse and misuses.

The process of investigating incidents and providing support to the beekeeper is carried out in close cooperation with the national plant protection services as parts of the federal states.

Detailed information about the suitable collection of samples, of support for the beekeepers in the sampling process, the procedure of investigations and to potential causes of bee intoxications can be found on the specific German website portal “Untersuchungsstelle für Bienenvergiftungen” (Bees – Investigation centre for bee poisoning incidents).