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16th Symposium of the International Society for Biosafety Research (ISBR) - Advancing science in support of sustainable bio-innovation

30.04.2023 - 04.05.2023
Location: Union Station Hotel St Louis

ISBR2023’s program will be developed around the central theme of advancing science in support of sustainable bio-innovation.

Attendees will be offered a unique opportunity to engage with the world’s leading experts on the diverse range of topics relevant to sustainable bio-innovation. The symposium theme will be expounded through plenary sessions focusing on four sub-elements of sustainable bio-innovation, namely society, risk analysis, governance and technology under the session themes – Ensuring social license for bio-innovation. Fit-for-purpose governance frameworks for sustainable bio-innovation. Risk analysis for persistent engineered genetic traits. Sustainable biotechnologies for a changing world.

Website: https://isbr.info/symposium

JKI-Speakers:Wilhelm, Ralf (SB); Sprink, Thorben (SB)