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Biofach Fair 2022 in Nuremberg| JKI participates

26.07.2022 - 29.07.2022
Location: Nürnberg Messe, Halle 9 / Stand 9-351

The Julius-Kuehn-Institute (JKI) as the Federal German Research Centre for cultivated plants works on plant protection strategies for eco-farming.
As a research institution we advise the German Ministry for agriculture and are thus predestined to address topics where politics, research and practical application intersect. We participate regularly in the Biofach fair as coexhibitor of the German Ministry for Food and Agriculture.
In 2022 you will find our booth in Hall 9-351.

This years presentation focuses on:

  • Biological control measures against the Codling moth (Cydia pomonella), a worldwide pest of apple and pear. In eco-orchards it is reduced with the help of a natural antagonistic virus, called codling moth granulovirus (CpGV).
  • Early detection of storage pests (e.g. granary weevel) by acustic devices. A very long „adio-lance“ was placed in grain storages of working farms to detect the insects and introduce antagonistic parasitic wasps to eliminate the larvea in early stages.
  • JKIs grapevine breeders located at Geilweilerhof (Palatinate) aim to breed new cultivars with high resistance to diseases. Classic domestic grapevines especially suffer from fungal diseases. Wether speaking about those fungal diseases, pests, climate change or quality issues: grapevine breeding substantially contributes to reducing the use of pesticides and results in a more eco-friendly viticulture.
  • JKI has developed an online-tool for students, farmers and non-professionals to determine plant pests, diseases and weeds. It is supplemented by videos portraying harmful an beneficial insects.
  • On the website www.oekolandbau.de an e-learning platform with multiple choice tests is designed to train young professionals and students who consider a career in the eco-farming business

JKI presents its research  in a session at the Biofach-Congress
Topic: „Plant protection in the field and storage protection in eco-farming“
The session will take place in the Science-Forum on Thursday July 28th (1:45 - 2:30 p.m. at room Seoul (NCC Ost/East).
Latest findings from JKI’s researchers: fighting fungal diseases in grapevine-breeding through resistance breeding, enhancing biodiversity through eco-farming, biological pest control in stored goods & eco-orchards.