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European Conference on Copper in Plant Protection

17.11.2016 - 18.11.2016
Location: Julius Kühn-Institut, Königin-Louise-Str. 19, 14195 Berlin

By combining clever crop rotation systems, enhancement of functional biodiversity, selection of robust varieties and the application of natural substances against pests and diseases, organic farmers and growers manage to keep their plants healthy without having to rely on synthetic pesticides.
While there is a broad range of strategies to prevent diseases like apple scab, mildew or potato blight, copper-based formulations are almost the only tool to combat actual infections. Copper has been re-authorized as a plant protection product in 2008 by the EU Commission, but under condition that member states take action to reduce the use of copper.

To discuss successful strategies to minimize copper application on a European scale, and to identify research and farm management options to further reduce the use of copper, BÖLW and Julius Kühn Institute invite you to take part in our first European Conference on Copper in Plant Protection. This invitation is addressed specifically to farmers and growers, scientists, regulators, agricultural advisers and other people working with/on copper in a context of plant protection.

Contributions will be presented in English or German, translation services will be provided at the venue.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin.

Best regards,

Dr. Friedhelm v. Mering, BÖLW                            Prof. Dr. Stefan Kühne, JKI