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Workshop: 4th International Workshop on Interactions between crop plants and human pathogens

Start: 06.12.2019
Location: AIT Universitäts und Forschungszentrum Tulln | Konrad Lorenz Straße 24 | Tulln | Österreich

Organizers: JKI (Dr. Schikora) with local organisers from AIT

This workshop is one of two satellite workshops taking place directly after the symposium “Microbe-assisted crop production – opportunities, challenges and needs” miCROPe 2019. Participants of miCROPe2019 Symposium were eligible to register for this satellite workshop taking place on 6th December within the REGISTRATION SYSTEM on this website https://www.micrope.org. Please note that you can only choose to participate in ONE of the TWO satellite workshops, since they are held parallel.

For further information please check https://www.micrope.org/workshops.php or download the respective workshop information leaflet here.

Participation in a workshop without attending the miCROPe 2019 symposium: Please register directly with the workshop organizer Dr. Schikora from JKI.