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Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
Federal Research Centre
for Cultivated Plants

Dr. Ute Katharina Vogler

Messeweg 11/12
38104 Braunschweig, Germany

Ms Kerstin Hansmann and
Ms Margot Knur
Tel: +49 (0)3946 47-7701/-7703
Fax: +49 (0)3946 47-7702
E-mail: g@  julius-kuehn.  de

Branch offices

in  Münster
Toppheideweg 88
48161 Münster, Germany
Fax: +49 (0)251 87106-33

in Kleinmachnow
Stahnsdorfer Damm 81
14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany
Tel: +49(0)33203 48-0
Fax: +49(0)33203 48-425

Institute booklet

Dr. Falko Feldmann

Dr. Falko  Feldmann
Tel: +49 (0)3946 47-7720
Fax: +49 (0)3946 47-7702

Julius Kühn-Institut
Messeweg 11/12
38104 Braunschweig

Assignments and Research Activities

  • Consultant for Urban horticulture, including plant protection, green infrastructure and food production in cities
  • Consultant for the execution of the federal „White Book for urban plants“
  • Assessment of the sustainability of plant care systems in cities
  • Commentation of current topics concerned with urban plants
  • Coordination and execution of cooperative rersearch projects concerned with production, use and protection of urban plants, including. „Urban Agriculture/Horticulture“
  • Integration of non-chemical plant measures into integrated plant protection concepts of urban horticulture
  • Further development of the arbuscular mycorrhizal technology for urban horticulture, including private home gardens

Memberships and further functions

  • Managing Director of the “German Society for Plant Protection and Plant Health r.S.” (Deutschen Phytomedizinischen Gesellschaft e.V., DPG)
  • Convenor of the „Urban Plant Conferences“ (JKI/DPG)
  • Convenor of the international symposium „Plant Protection and Plant Health in Europe“ (JKI/DPG)
  • Co-Convenor of the symposium „Insect Conferences“ (JKI/DPG)
  • Co-Convenor of the symposium „Modern Fungicides“ (Univ. Halle/DPG)
  • Member of the Organising Committee of the international congress „Deutsche Pflanzenschutztagung“ (JKI/DPG/DPSD)
  • Leader of the DPG-working group „Urban Horticulture“
  • Leader of the DPG-working group „Plant Protection inthe Tropics and Subtropics “
  • Participant in the COST Action 18204 „Placemaking and Digitization in European Cities“
  • Participant in the Forum of the federal “National Action Plan for the sustainable use of pesticides”
  • Editor-in-Chief of the „Journals of Plant Diseases and Protection“
  • Editor-in-Chief of the journals „Phytomedizin“ and „Spectrum Phytomedizin
  • Member in the Association for Tropical and Subtropical agricultural research (ATSAF)
  • Member in the “International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences” (IAPPS)
  • Member in the „Gesellschaft der Förderer und Freunde des Julius Kühn-Institutes“ (GFF)

Publications in the Julius Kühn-Institut