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EPPO Workshop on integrated management of insect pests in oilseed rape

EPPO Workshop at JKI Berlin September 2017
EPPO Workshop at JKI Berlin September 2017

Oilseed rape insect pests are difficult to control especially with regard to the increasing insecticide resistance. 77 participants from Europe and one guest from Canada met at an EPPO Workshop at the JKI Berlin. For 2 ½ days they have been sharing knowledge about the control of oilseed rape pests or learning about the situation in the different countries. A major aspect has been to inform about integrated pest management strategies as well as to learn about new on-going projects looking for alternative control methods and techniques.

The EPPO Workshop was organized in close collaboration with the JKI, especially Dr. Udo Heimbach (Institute for Plant Protection in Field Crops and Grassland) at the JKI site Berlin.

The Workshop was organized as a series of lectures (41 in total). The speakers, presentation summaries as well as the majority of the talks are available at: http://archives.eppo.int/MEETINGS/2017_conferences/IPM_oilseed_rape.htm