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Wheat Initiative launches updated Strategic Research Agenda

In his address, JKI President Dr. Frank Ordon also emphasized the importance of wheat breeding for global food security. The JKI provides the infrastructure for the Wheat Initiative office at the Berlin site and supports the organization's activities. Ordon is likewiese head of the initiatives research commitee. ©Hagemann/JKI

The Wheat Initiative launched the updated Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) on July 5th at the tropical greenhouse of the botanical garden in Berlin.

Find the press release of the Wheat Initiative here.

The four speakers Mr. Burkhard Schmied (Head of Department 7, BMEL), Mr. Frank Ordon (President of the Julius Kühn Institute), Mr. Peter Langridge (Head of the Wheat Initiative) and Mr. John Spink (Chair of the Institutional Coordination Committee) and Dr. John Spink (Head of the institutions) der Wheat Initiative highlighted the importance of wheat research to secure global food security. The launch of the SRA was completed with wine and food at the terrace of the greenhouse, where the invited guest from politic, research and industry took the opportunity to dicuss about the presented document.

Find the updated Strategic Research Agenda here.

The Wheat Initiative is located at the Julius Kühn Institute, the Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, in Berlin-Dahlem and is financed by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

More information on the Wheat Initiative: https://www.wheatinitiative.org/.

Wheat Initiative Programme Manager: Teresa Saavedra
E-Mail: wheat.initiative@julius-kuehn.de