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Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
Federal Research Centre
for Cultivated Plants

Acting Head
Dr. Andrea Krähmer

Königin-Luise-Straße 19
14195 Berlin, Germany

Ms Catharina Blank / Ms Vera Frimel
Tel: +49(0)30 8304-25 01/-2511
Fax: +49(0)30 8304-2503
oepv@  julius-kuehn.  de


Institute booklet

Impacts of agrochemicals on organisms

This research area deals with the effects of plant protection products (PPP) on organisms, estimates the risk of PPP for terrestrial and aquatic non-target organisms and develops and validates risk mitigation measures.

Research projects include studies in soil and water on the distribution, diversity and functioning of non-target organisms (i.e. soil micro- and soil macro-organisms, aquatic organisms). The goal is a better understanding of the biological and chemical relationships in agro-ecosystems influenced by input, conversion and discharge (such as drift, erosion) of agro-chemicals.

This research area features advanced equipment systems (such as bio-monitor systems) for biological analysis, laboratory rearing of soil and water organisms, and experimental fields and ponds. This technical equipment makes it possible to estimate the environmental risk of the substances and to predict the elasticity of eco-systems. Several options for risk mitigation measures for future applications of PPP are derived from these findings. These measures are validated in collaboration with partners in practice.

A sovereign function of this research area is the assessment of the effects of PPP on beneficial organisms in the registration procedure and the deduction of appropriate labels according to the degree of harmfulness that enter the instruction manual of the PPP.