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Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
Federal Research Institute
for Cultivated Plants

Professor Dr. Wilhelm Jelkmann

Address:  Horticulture
Schwabenheimer Straße 101
69221 Dossenheim, Germany

Ms Silvia Kowalczyk-Binder
Tel: +49 (0)3946 47 - 4700
Fax: +49 (0)3946 47 - 4805
E-mail: ow@  julius-kuehn.  de

Address: Viticulture
76833 Siebeldingen, Germany
Tel: 03946 47 4609
ow@  julius-kuehn.  de

branch office at DLR Mosel
Gartenstr. 18
54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
Tel: +49(0)6531 - 956 483

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M. Sc. Laura Binmöller

M. Sc. Laura  Binmöller
Tel: +49 3946 47-4746
Fax: +49 3946 47-4805

Julius Kühn-Institut
Schwabenheimer Str. 101
69221 Dossenheim

Assignment and Research Activities

PhD student in the department of Bacteriology

  • Collaboration in the BLE-funded project 'Phytotyper' (Identification of phytopathogenic microorganisms with the MALDI Biotyper method)
  • Further development of MALDI-TOF MS based methods for species identification of microorganisms for phytomedical practice
  • Development of a reference database with protein spectra of cultivable, plant-associated microorganisms
  • Elaboration of the database

    • To improve diagnostics especially for heterogenic bacterial species (e.g. Pseudomonas syringae group)
    • By molecular biological species identification (16S rDNA sequencing and multilocus sequence analysis)

  • Development of MALDI biotyper-based methods for diagnosis and species identification of non-culturable phytopathogenic microorganisms (phytoplasmas, viruses if applicable)

Publications in the Julius Kühn-Institut