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Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
Federal Research Centre
for Cultivated Plants

Prof. Dr. Henryk Flachowsky (Acting Head)

Pillnitzer Platz 3a
01326 Dresden, Germany

Ms Martina Tanner
Tel: +49(0)394647 – 8001
+49(0)394647 – 8002
zo@  julius-kuehn.  de

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Fruit breeding

Developing premium cultivars of pome, stone and soft fruit species: We breed robust fruit cultivars with new characters. We perform sustainable breeding in awareness of our socio-economic and ecological responsibility.

Fruit growers and producers observe an increasing interest of consumers in sustainable management of fruit production and in products with high quality, good taste and attractive appearance. Our breeding programs are focused on these challenges. Selection is aimed at traits with high importance for consumers, growers and producers with the ultimate goal of developing premium cultivars.

For producer and grower demands:

  • high and stable yield
  • disease resistance
  • adaption to environment and tolerance to abiotic stress
  • variation in ripening time
  • storage and post harvest traits
  • processing quality

For consumer demands:

  • fruit size, shape, firmness, color and appearance
  • taste, aroma, specific metabolic compounds and texture
  • nutritional value

We produce seedling progenies with desired characters for selection of prospective cultivars. We use technologies to accelerate the breeding process, including marker assisted selection. Seedling progenies are screened for phenotype and genotype to determine best genotypes to be selected. Seedlings are grown and planted according to the latest horticultural expertise and developments. Advanced selections are assessed in different experimental trials in Germany and abroad for suitability in fruit production. This also includes the evaluation of different cultivar-rootstock combinations. Advanced selections for growing trials are available for growers and producers based on test contracts. New cultivars are protected by licensing agreements and available for large-scale growing from the Deutsche Saatgutgesellschaft mbH Berlin. For more information please log on to: http://www.dsg-berlin.de/en/

For information on new cultivars from our breeding program - so far in German language - see Obstsorten (fruit cultivars).