Veröffentlichungen mit Peer-Review-Verfahren

Emeriewen, O.F.; Richter, K.; Flachowsky, H.; Malnoy M.; Peil, A. (2021): Genetic Analysis and Fine Mapping of the Fire Blight Resistance Locus of Malus xarnoldiana on Linkage Group 12 Reveal First Candidate Genes. Frontiers in Plant Science : 667133.

Klocke, E.; Budahn, H.; Richter, K. (2021): Somatic hybridisation as a potential tool for Pelargonium improvement. In: Mitrofanova, I. V.; Thammasiri, K.: Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference on Biotechnology as an Instrument for Plant Biodiversity Conservation (Physiological, Biochemical, Embryological, Genetic and Legal Aspects)(Acta Horticulturae), Leuven, Belgium, 63-70.

Schröpfer, S.; Vogt, I.; Broggini, G.A.L.; Dahl, A.; Richter, K.; Hanke, M.-V.; Flachowsky, H.; Peil, A. (2021): Transcriptional profile of AvrRpt2EA-mediated resistance and susceptibility response to Erwinia amylovora in apple. Scientific Reports 11: 8685.

Veröffentlichungen in weiteren Zeitschriften

Emeriewen, O.F.; Richter, K.; Wensing, A.; Mickael M.,; Peil, A. (2021): Detection of an unstable minor QTL linked to fire blight resistance on linkage group 16 of Malus fusca. bioRxiv .

Griesbach, E.; Richter, K. (2021): Nachruf für Professor Dr. habil. Klaus Naumann. Journal für Kulturpflanzen 73(3-4): 103-104.

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