Veröffentlichungen mit Peer-Review-Verfahren

Lantos, E.; Schliephake, E.; Krämer, R.; Will, T.; Nothnagel, T. (2019): Feeding behavior of Myzus persicae on asparagus species susceptible and resistant to Asparagus virus 1. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata : early view-10 S..

Sjolund, M. J.; Arnsdorf, Y. M.; Carnegie, M.; Fornefeld, E.; Will, T. (2019): ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ detected in Trioza urticae using suction trap-based monitoring of psyllids in Germany. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 126(1): 89-92.

Buchbeiträge / Beiträge zu Sammelwerken

Furch, A. C. U.; Zimmermann, M. R.; Will, T. (2019): Measurement of electropotential waves in intact sieve elements using aphids as bioelectrodes. In: Liesche, J.: Phloem : Methods and Protocols, 449-457.

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