Veröffentlichungen mit Peer-Review-Verfahren

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Weber, J.-N.; Kaufholdt, D.; Minner-Meinen, R.; Bloem, E.; Shahid, A.; Rennenberg, H.; Hänsch, R. (2021): Impact of wildfires on SO₂ detoxification mechanisms in leaves of oak and beech trees. Environmental Pollution 272: 116389.

Zandi, P.; Yang, J.; Xia, X.; Barabasz-Krasny, B.; Możdżeń, K.; Puła, J.; Bloem, E.; Wang, Y.; Hussain, S.; Hashemi, S.M.; Różanowski, B.; Qian, L. (2021): Sulphur nutrition and iron plaque formation on roots of rice seedlings and their consequences for immobilisation and uptake of chromium in solution culture. Plant and Soil : 24 Seiten.

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