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Fürstenau, B. (2019): Chemically‐mediated host location and host recognition by an ectoparasitoid of stored-product pest beetles. : Entomologentagung ; Halle (Saale) 11.–14. März 2019, 31.

Fürstenau, B.; Awater-Salendo, S. (2019): Biologically‐based control of Tribolium confusum using parasitoids and semiochemicals: from basic research to semifield application. In: Conti, B.; Trematerra, P. (Hrsg.): IOBC/WPRS (OILB/srop) Working Group on Integrated Protection of Stored Products : Pisa, Italy, 3-6 September 2019, Book of abstracts, 65.

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