Veröffentlichungen mit Peer-Review-Verfahren

Babin, D.; Leoni, C.; Neal, A.L.; Sessitsch, A.; Smalla, K. (2021): Editorial to the Thematic Topic "Towards a more sustainable agriculture through managing soil microbiomes". FEMS Microbiology Ecology 97(8): fiab094.

Babin, D.; Sommermann, L.; Chowdhury, S.P.; Behr, J.H.; Sandmann, M.; Neumann, G.; Nesme, J.; Sørensen, S.J.; Schellenberg, I.; Rothballer, M.; Geistlinger, J.; Smalla, K.; Grosch, R. (2021): Distinct rhizomicrobiota assemblages and plant performance in lettuce grown in soils with different agricultural management histories. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 97(4): fiab027.

Bettermann, A.; Zethof, J.H.T.; Babin, D.; Cammeraat, E.L.H.; Solé-Benet, A.; Lázaro, R.; Luna, L.; Nesme, J.; Sørensen, S.J.; Kalbitz, K.; Smalla, K.; Vogel, C. (2021): Importance of microbial communities at the root-soil interface for extracellular polymeric substances and soil aggregation in semiarid grasslands. Soil biology & biochemistry 159: 108301.

Bziuk, N.; Maccario, L.; Douchkov, D.; Lueck, S.; Babin, D.; Sørensen, S.J.; Schikora, A.; Smalla, K. (2021): Tillage shapes the soil and rhizosphere microbiome of barley-but not its susceptibility towards Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 97(3): fiab018.

Cerecetto, V.; Smalla, K.; Nesme, J.; Garaycochea, S.; Fresia, P.; Sørensen, S.J.; Babin, D.; Leoni, C. (2021): Reduced tillage, cover crops and organic amendments affect soil microbiota and improve soil health in Uruguayan vegetable farming systems. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 97(3): fiab023.

Fernandez-Gnecco, G.; Smalla, K.; Maccario, L.; Sørensen, S.J.; Barbieri, P.; Consolo, V.F.; Covacevich, F.; Babin, D. (2021): Microbial community analysis of soils under different soybean cropping regimes in the Argentinean south-eastern Humid Pampas. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 97(3): fiab007.

Gabbarini, L.A.; Figuerola, E.; Frene, J.P.; Robledo, N.B.; Ibarbalz, F.M.; Babin, D.; Smalla, K.; Erijman, L.; Wall, L.G. (2021): Impacts of switching tillage to no-tillage and vice versa on soil structure, enzyme activities and prokaryotic community profiles in Argentinean semi-arid soils. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 97(4): fiab025.

Windisch, S.H.; Sommermann, L.; Babin, D.; Chowdhury, S.P.; Grosch, R.; Moradtalab, N.; Walker, F.; Hoeglinger, B.; El-Hasan, A.; Armbruster, W.; Nesme, J.; Sørensen, S.J.; Schellenberg, I.; Geistlinger, J.; Smalla, K.; Rothballer, M.; Ludewig, U.; Neumann, G. (2021): Impact of long-term organic and mineral fertilization on rhizosphere metabolites, root-microbial interactions and plant health of lettuce. Frontiers in Microbiology 11: 597745.

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Cerecetto, V.; Babin, D.; Leoni, C.; Smalla, K. (2021): Reduced tillage, cover crops and organic amendments affect soil microbiota and improve soil health in Uruguayan vegetable farming systems. : 13th Young Scientists Meeting 2021 : 11th – 13th October - Abstracts - (Berichte aus dem Julius Kühn-Institut 213), Quedlinburg, 11.

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