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Luo, F.; Norelli, J. L.; Howard, N. P.; Wisniewski, M.; Flachowsky, H.; Hanke, M.-V.; Peace, C. (2020): Introgressing blue mold resistance into elite apple germplasm by rapid cycle breeding and foreground and background DNA-informed selection. Tree Genetics & Genomes : online first-15 Seiten.

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Hanke, M.-V.; Flachowsky, H.; Peil, A.; Emeriewen, O. F. (2020): Malus x domestica Apple. In: R.E. Litz, F. Pliego-Alfaro and J.I. Hormaza (eds.): Biotechnology of Fruit and Nut Crops, 2nd Edition (Biotechnology in agriculture ), Wallingford [u.a.], 440-473.

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