Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Stöck, M.; Reisch, F.; Elmeros, M.; Gabriel, D.; Kloas, W.; Kreuz, E.; Lassen, P.; Esther, A. (2019): The potential of VKORC1 polymorphisms in Mustelidae for evolving anticoagulant resistance through selection along the food chain. PLOS ONE 14(8).

Contributions to edited volumes

Seufert, V.; Mehrabi, Z.; Gabriel, D.; Benton, T. (2019): Current and Potential Contributions of Organic Agriculture to Diversification of the Food Production System. In: Lemaire, G.; Carvalho, P.C.F.; Kronberg, S.; Recous, S. (Hrsg.): Agroecosystem diversity : reconciling contemporary agriculture and environmental quality, 435-452.

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