Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Leimer, S.; Berner, D.; Birkhofer, K.; Boeddinghaus, R.S.; Fischer, M.; Kandeler, E.; Kuka, K.; Marhan, S.; Prati, D.; Schäfer, D.; Schöning, I.; Solly, E.F.; Wolters, V.; Wilcke, W. (2021): Land‐use intensity and biodiversity effects on infiltration capacity and hydraulic conductivity of grassland soils in southern Germany. Ecohydrology .

Mayel, S.; Jarrah, M.; Kuka, K. (2021): How does grassland management affect physical and biochemical properties of temperate grassland soils? A review study. Grass and forage science 76(2): 215-244.

Publications in non-peer-reviewed scientific papers

Shi, Y.; Greef, J.-M.; Kuka, K. (2021): Better utilization of Lolium perenne in biorefineries based on its chemical composition. : 121-123.

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