Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Ding, B.-J.; Xia, Y.-H.; Wang, H.-L.; Andersson, F.; Hedenström, E.; Gross, J.; Löfstedt, C. (2021): Biosynthesis of the Sex Pheromone Component (E,Z)-7,9-Dodecadienyl Acetate in the European Grapevine Moth, Lobesia botrana, Involving ∆11 Desaturation and an Elusive ∆7 Desaturase.. Journal of Chemical Ecology 47: 248-264.

El-Sayed, A. M.; Ganji, S.; Gross, J.; Giesen, N.; Rid, M.; Lo, P. L.; Kokeny, A.; Unelius, C. R. (2021): Climate change risk to pheromone application in pest management. The Science of Nature/Naturwissenschaften 108(6): 13 Seiten.

Gallinger, J.; Zikeli, K.; Zimmermann, M.R.; Görg, L.M.; Mithöfer, A.; Reichelt, M.; Seemüller, E.; Gross, J.; Furch, A.C.U. (2021): Specialized 16SrX phytoplasmas induce diverse morphological and physiological changes in their respective fruit crops. PLoS pathogens 17(3): e1009459.

Görg, L.M.; Eilenberg, J.; Jensen, A.B.; Jensen, A.H.; Gross, J. (2021): Pathogenicity against hemipteran vector insects of a novel insect pathogenic fungus from Entomophthorales (Pandora sp. nov. inedit.) with potential for biological control. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 183: 107621.

Görg, L.M.; Gallinger, J.; Gross, J. (2021): The phytopathogen ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma mali’ alters apple tree phloem composition and afects oviposition behavior of its vector Cacopsylla picta. Chemoecology 31: 31-45.

Görg, L.M.; Gross, J. (2021): Influence of ontogenetic and migration stage on feeding behavior of Cacopsylla picta on 'Candidatus Phytoplasma mali' infected and non-infected apple plants. Journal of Insect Physiology 13: 104229.

Publications in non-peer-reviewed scientific papers

Dettner, K.; Schulz, S.; Gross, J. (2021): In memoriam of an exceptional entomologist. Journal of Applied Entomology .

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