Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Rakosy-Tican, E.; Lörincz-Besenyei, E.; Molnar, I.; Thieme, R.; Hartung, F.; Sprink, T.; Antonova, O.; Famelaer, I.; Angenon, G.; Aurori, A. (2019): New phenotypes of potato co-induced by mismatch repair deficiency and somatic hybridization. Frontiers in Plant Science 10(( Art.: 3)): 18 S..

Contributions to edited volumes

Rakosy-Tican, E.; Molnar, I.; Thieme, R.; Thieme, T. (2019): Combinatorial biotechnology as a means of transferring multiple resistance into potato. : Botanikertagung, International Plant Science Conference 2019, Rostock 15.-19. September : Programme, 159.

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